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Seamonsters was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the Nantes Film Festival 2012.

Official selection for best film Austin Film Festival 2012

Official selection for Best Film Raindance Film Festival 2012


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Wild teenage life in a dead-end seaside town

Fishing, fighting, falling in love and falling out.


Directed by Julian Kerridge  

Screenplay by Martin Sadofski  & Julian Kerridge 

Produced by Angela Gordon               



Seamonsters is a masterful achievement as a character study. At turns playful, melancholy, and captivating, the film effectively pulls the audience in and instantly makes it feel as though it has known this place and these people for many years. Those in the market for a solid drama that will make them both think and feel will not be disappointed by this import. 

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“Seamonsters is incredibly evocative. Julian Kerridge succeeds in capturing that uniquely English sort of dead-end seaside ennui. The cinematography by Nick Gordon-Smith is frequently spectacular.”


 “Technically speaking the film is superb; beautifully shot and enticingly scored... Kerridge could be one to watch.”


“Seamonsters perfectly captures the fantastical world of new romance with nicely-lensed landscapes and heady music.... The four main actors are uniformly superb, nailing the angst and importance of small everyday events and keeping you engaged as alliances switch within the group - watch out for each in years to come.”


“The strength of the film is the intense power struggle between childhood friends, and the two young actors play to it to perfection throughout. The four vastly different characters are allowed to act and talk like real teenagers.. There’s a slow building tension that is paid off well in the final section of the film.


“Director Kerridge beautifully captures the rhythms of these young people, from their moody interaction to the jagged emotional shifts between silly antics and spiky roughhousing. The romantic attractions is handled cleverly.. the actors deliver terrific performances that are complex and engaging”


Seamonsters is about falling in love for the first time and having to deal with the overwhelming feelings of hope, excitement, rejection and loss when it all falls apart. It is touching and funny. A classic coming of age movie.


“Seamonsters, the impressive debut feature film from director Julian Kerridge, is a story about love... It’s a familiar set-up, for both UK and US teen-friendly output, but never has the audience been so aware of the depressingly static nature of existence caught between two phases of life.”


Director Julian Kerridge does a great job in directing a very young cast of relatively unknown actors and getting genuine and heartfelt performances from them. In a film where there are very few older cast members and mostly unseen parents, we are thrown into their world, managing to see things from the young characters' point of view, and not just as trivial teen melodrama.



Yet again, I write, astonished by what a film-maker has managed to achieve on such a small budget.

Kerridge is incredibly ambitious in trying to address teenage angst over of sex, drugs, suicide, parental relationships and even domestic violence and yet Seamonsters is never overwrought and is often plain gentle.

The movie was made for just £150,000 and many of the scenes are film on the beach at Worthing among the ebbs and flows of the tides.

I'd recommend a view when it comes out on DVD. Teenagers will certainly get a buzz out of it.

Those of us who are bit older will also be able to stir memories, both happy and painful, of their formative years.